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If you only have foil, I would put a piece of bread in there and then double wrap it with the foil. The bread will help keep it soft & fresh.
Are you thinking about the Frozen Butter Cream Transfer Technique? If so--search that term on I have watched it there several times. I also used that techinique with melted candy/chocolate wafers. See my Hockey Puck Cake with the School mascot.
Last week I made a hard edible plaque for cake, and you could probably use the same technique for the cupcake as long as the details aren't too small.I used the frozen butter cream transfer technique with colored melted candy/chocolate wafers instead of buttercream. I printed off a copy of the school mascot (use the "reverse" setting in your printer preferences). I taped it on a cookie sheet and then taped parchment paper over the picture. I melted my colored candy...
I made a hocky puck cake with a black chocolate candy collar around the walls of the cake for a super smooth look--looks great, except for the patched seams and some boo-boos ...Anyone have a recipe to make my own confectioners glaze, or any suggestions to make the chocolate collar shiny again? I need to finish this in about 2 hours!!Is confectioners glaze for chocolate candy the same as a confectionary glaze I use for icing cookies with?
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