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I would like a copy as well
Why thank you lol I just looked and realized I basically rewrote what you had already said.......*sighs* long day
Wilton now has Gold cake spray cans. I used it on a cake (trophy) and just colored it a deep yellow first then sprayed it. It wont give you the same deep rich (if that makes sense) gold color that you are looking for but it will be gold without making the outside inedible
I see it more as unique. Something that you won't find at the supermarket deli...something that stands out.
I've only been decorating cookies for a year now and that is ridiculous. She is definitely taking advantage of your offer. Also like most people she probably has no clue how much time and money goes into baking cookies. I have done decorated sugar cookies for $5/dzen and I made nothing off of them. Now I charge $1 per cookie and some people think I am crazy for it. They don't realize that detailed cookies take hours sometimes days to decorate correctly. Besides the fact...
Forgot to add definitely buy multiples. I am a list person so I make a list of how many cakes to bake for each tier to get the height I want and I just mark them off as they cool. I can bake 2 smaller tiers at a time in my oven. Definitely saves time on bigger cakes or multiple cake orders.
I prefer 3" pans personally at least for tiers up to 10" after that I have to adjust bake time and temp so that they bake well. I never tried Magic Line definitely going to have to look into that.
Most of my clients prefer strawberry mousse. More like strawberries and cream with chocolate cake
Awesome thanks for that info. I will definitely try it out Thanks so much
Thanks I will definitely try that in the future. Unfortunately they picked up the cake yesterday. It was a short notice cake they met with me Tue. and needed a cake to feed 125 by Sat. with a 3D cake truck so it was a rush from the get go. They called to change some things on the cake Fri. and I talked to them about it and they said to do the cream cheese. For me it was all too sweet but I spoke to them yesterday and they said everyone loved it. Do you think the French...
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