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Thank you It must have been a longer weekend than I thought because I didn't think of reusing parts from a toy The lights have me stumped. The cake I saw on you tube was amazing!! The lights are built into the cake itself.
You can use pretty much any kind of cake for this just be sure to cool it completely then freeze it. Print a pic of the horse head you want to replicate and carve the general shape of the head out of the frozen cake. For the facial details you can carve them into the cake (will look more realistic) or build them up with fondant. Cover everything in a thin layer of buttercream so your details are not messed up and cover in fondant. Then add the bridle, etc. Hope that helps
Hope someone can help with this.....I have a good friend who is graduating as an emt and has already landed his first job where he will be moving away . I want to make a 3d ambulance cake (the cake part is no problem I've been doing 3D cakes for a while but I wanted the lights on the ambulance to work and to have a siren. I googled it and found a cake on you tube but when I messaged the poster for tips I didn't get a response back. Has anybody done anything like this...
Honestly adding the chocolate works wonders but I also let my RKT dry out a bit after I make them maybe 30 min or so and then I grab a handful to work with and microwave for about ten seconds just until its pliable again. It sticks together well and hardens quickly so molding is much easier. Hope that helps
I make mine and have never had a problem with them. I used them for the shoes hands and arms of the spongebob cake in my gallery. I use the same recipe that you can find on the RK website but I do add chocolate to the mix if the design is a little more gravity defying. I buy a box of rice cereal and the marshmallows through a food warehouse so it ends up being really cheap to make tons.
Thanks for the tips and nice cake abchambers. I spoke to the bride this morning but I haven't met with her yet. So I will have to see what the topper looks like. She also said it needed to feed 100-125 so I need to iron that out with her. A one year anniversary cake is included in the cost so the top tier will be served as well. I am thinking either a 14-10-6 or 12-10-8-6. I really appreciate all the help.
Hey guys just a quick question for anybody doing wedding cakes. I have a customer who wants a round 3 tiered wedding cake with textured buttercream. The sample pic they brought looks like is was iced and spread with a spatula. I was just looking for tips on how to make it look "clean" I know the point is sort of a messy look but I don't want it to look like it's just slopped on. Any tips? Also should I be looking at doing a 3-4" difference between the tiers (instead of...
First of all I already LOVE your bride!!! Such a different kind of wedding cake. I would do a search for gothic cake stands and find something elegant and dark. Personally I love these stands are just dark enough but have some sparkle and they look amazing. I am ordering some as soon as I can!!
Depending on what color you're wanting there are a ton of candy rope option. Sour punch straw, twizzler ropes, etc. You can always pip royal icing but that's pretty fragile. Modeling chocolate would be good to eat just make sure if you make white modeling chocolate and color it that it is colored with candy colors NOT gel colors or regular water based food coloring. Other than that your best bet is probably fondant. Good luck!!
Wow safe to say I REALLY underprice. That is definitely about to change....especially for 3D cakes. This was a 3D cake I did and I offered to do it half price ($120) I think it's safe to say I really underpriced this one. Fortunately the client realized this and refuses to tell anyone how much she actually paid and instead just says it was worth every penny. It served 40-50 and was about 3 feet tall. I spent one day building and reinforcing the supports (about 3 hours)....
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