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I would do a mini cake with cupcakes. For the cake I would do a wondermold to replicate the dress and color rock candy to do the design on the dress. Then you could do the cupcakes to match embellish them with the rock candy, etc. Good Luck
There are quite a few people who offer classes your best chance is to research in your area but they can be pricey. Even better is to learn as you go so you can learn what to do when the little stuff and even some of the big stuff happens. How to fill in when you've carved too much, etc. The Winnbecklers have a fantastic french vanilla sour cream cake recipe that is AWESOME for carving. Start small with 3D cakes firmly planted on boards. When you are ready to go on to...
Thank you. I was worried about smoothing the royal icing. I use American Buttercream but I have never used it more than a day or two ahead so it's never really HARD just slightly crusted. Any idea if this kind of buttercream would be hard enough in a week to withstand minor bumps.
Thank you for the response. I just know that something horrible will happen to one of them lol.
Thanks so much!!! I am looking for the small blinking lights now and I will post what I end up with. Thanks so much
Hi guys I was just reading throught the long bridal show thread and had been nervous about messing up my buttercream dummies during the setup at a bridal show (my first) I just read that someone planned to use royal icing. Can you? Is it better? I will be taking more than a few dummies and I'm just nervous I guess
I did a 3D Spongebob this summer. He was almost 3 feet tall and 4 " wide. Just make sure you have a central support and you should be fine. He was fondant covered and displayed in the park in HOT (over 100 degrees) windy (10-15 mph) west texas weather and he stayed upright the entire two hours. You can see him in my gallery.
I'm going to look tomorrow for some toys maybe hit up radio shack.....and I'll let you guys know what happens. I guess to wire it on the inside of the cake I will need to make "tunnels" for the wires with straws? Thanks for the help
I would definitely go smaller on the cake as for ideas keeping the main color of the cake white keeps it from looking too christmas-y. In my opinion the simpler you keep this cake the better it will look because those colors are overpowering. maybe a white cake with a simple ribbon in the middle of each tier one in green and the other red
I would bake Thur. freeze until Fri. thaw, fill, and frost then refrigerate and then Sat. cover in fondant and decorate. I know that the "shelf stable" pudding snacks would probably be fine even if you stuck to your time line because the icings and fondant would help insulate but I would feel better doing it as close to the pick up time as possible
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