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Lambeth definitely....actually just improve my piping in general. And I am totally into sugar work right now!!! It's just hard to do it at home
Thank you. It's a short drive on a brick road. Lots of bouncing
some people say they cover them in plastic wrap first so they can easily remove the buttercream afterward but I believe indydebi posted somewhere else that her buttercream iced dummies dry rock hard after a while and then she just slips a knife between the styrofoam and buttercream and it will pop off. Then you can rinse and re-use. If you are using fondant just rub the dummies with crisco first and it will stick well and come off easier. HTH
Thanks MsThang!! Lol I love rock candy and that is what I thought of when I saw that dress. Glad I could help with some inspiration
Wow!!! Sorry that you had to go through that but thanks for posting it. It helps a lot. I was thinking about spackle but everyone says it looks like fondant when it actually dries so I am just covering in buttercream and praying for the best. For the cakes I actually want fondant on I am doing the crisco rub/fondant application. Any tips on how to secure the dummies? Most are stacked cake on cake style but one will have pillars and another has foam separators that are...
I do mine with the RKT as well. They are moldable, carveable, and they get very hard as well. Foam is good but to carve you would need softer foam to carve well and without too much mess and personally I don't like it as much because it takes longer to stiffen up. I guess because it's more porous it hangs on to any moisture? Yes RKT are melted marshmallows and rice cereal. A 16oz bag of marshmallows melted with a Tb of butter and 8 cups of grated rice cereal is what I use HTH
Texas Sugar...... a lot of people have recommended using plaster on the dummies I'm just curious what your issues were with it
Thank you Lisa. I have only used rice paper a few times so that information is very helpful : D
I would suggest using a foam craft brush and dipping it in water then lightly brushing the rice paper until it's pliable enough to ruffle. If it's too wet it will "melt" and if it's too dry it will break. I am trying a similar design with rice paper in a couple of days....good luck!!
They are 9.95 for a yard that is 4.5" wide at cal java international <== all together. Their website says to gently wash with water and a little dish soap and dry well then apply to the cake. Not edible but it is plastic......
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