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Ok so I went ahead and had his mom ok the design. Then the poor little guy had to be admitted to the hospital so they asked if I could deliver it a bit earlier than expected. This is what we ended up with and he LOVED it!!!
Thanks so much for the help. I haven't seen the movie yet so I had no idea he used an IPOD to see the reflection that would be neat to incorporate. He's turning 12 so he's not too little and he has seen the movies so I didn't think that Medusa would be too scary for him. Maybe I'm weird but I always thought the coolest parts of mythology were the creatures that they described I'm going to finalize the design today. The cake is for May 5th so I will post it here as soon...
both wilton and duff make color sprays HTH
I would definitely go the dummy route especially for a wedding. Everyone's taking pictures and no one wants black mouths....even the airbrush alternative will leave some color on people.
it was wisdom given to me by another cc'er good luck!!
So I have an Icing Smiles cake coming up and the little boy wants a Greek mythology theme. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this one....He has watched Percy Jackson so I'm thinking Medusa?? It will be a dream cake so tiered or 3D is necessary I'm just wondering if anybody has any other ideas
if you plan on reusing it you can "glue" it with chocolate so all you need is a heated spatula to lift it afterwards.
Thanks guys. That's exactly what I was trying to figure out but it wasn't making sense.
To answer your question Aimeesc happens every now and then. I find that it is happening less often as I get a bigger client base. I had a woman ask for a tiered cake to serve 50 guests, with an edible image, hearts on wires, and in fondant for $60.....sorry can't help you. Two days later she contacted me asking if I could help her design something more in her budget and before I could respond to that one she sent me another message saying she was cool with the original...
There has to be some sort of spatial trick to this. Maybe it's because I've been up over 24 hours now but I am out of ideas. The second tier of a 4 tier cake is just slightly off. There are some flowers on the tier above it and I'm wondering if there is some trick that will make it appear level by strategically placing some flowers. No one else has noticed that it is off until I mentioned it but I really wanted this cake to be perfect and it was the one tier I didn't...
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