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I have heard nothing despite calling her multiple times so if they stop by to return the stand I'll let you guys know my theories on what happened. I still can't imagine what could've happened to make a stand that can support the weight of a 6 tier cake on a 3 hour delivery drive succumb to the simple cutting of a 6 " cake. 
Yeah I was pretty distressed just leaving it with no one there. I'm going to add it into my contract that if no one is there to sign for the cake it will be delivered after all other deliveries. It was supposed to be a cash deposit but she brought a check instead (I know red flag) they are both students and were paying for their wedding out of their student loan money. I think bottom line I need to be more business-like and not make concessions on those points. 
This was a little community center that they rented for a few hours. Not the typical venue and the family was doing everything. She had been there to open up and left leaving the place unlocked because she knew I was going to be there. First time I've ever delivered to an empty place
No. No one was there to sign the invoice. That's why I got pictures of a pretty cake and cupcakes  on a counter instead of a nicely decorated table. I got a go ahead to setup from the bride over the phone. I had never thought of a policy on case no one is there. What do you guys have in place for that.
It is my stand. It locks in place very securely and I have delivered 6 tier cakes completely assembled with no issues. This was a small wedding in a community center where the family was doing everything.  the bride was the one who said to go ahead and setup. 
This morning I delivered a 6" cake with 130 cupcakes on a metal cupcake stand with the 6" cake on top. The client said 11am delivery but no one was there and nothing was setup. I called and was asked to setup what I could in the kitchen/prep area and they would move it to the table when it was decorated since they were running late. I had another delivery/setup otherwise I would have waited but we set up, took pictures, and left. This afternoon I received a call from the...
Thank you guys for advice. I've definitely learned my lesson. After the three conversations I've had with her I'm pretty sure she will find something wrong with the next one and I'll be sending her somewhere else. Never again.....
Oh no it wasn't the full cake it is just the most complicated tier. I wasn't that crazy although she is now asking about the others and how will they look? I'm going to do this one matching what she wants to the best of my ability and if she's still on the fence....I'm out.
Thank you guys my contract has a no changes clause but I definitely need to come up with an "escape" clause. Lol she's my first bridezilla....and I cross my heart she won't be the last one I ever encounter but she will be the last one that gets me in a tight spot.
Thanks guys. I am a home baker so I guess I felt the need to prove to her that I could do it. Really I shouldn't have felt that way since I am booked all but 6 weekends from Feb. into Oct. next year. Working my way into a shop hopefully in the next year. As far as the other bakeries in town not doing it to my knowledge none of them work with fondant. The local Market Street bakery started doing fondant accents recently but that's it. The two other really known and...
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