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If it's done, you may want to refrigerate it and make sure it is nice and COLD for the trip to the venue, that way you have no mishaps when going over bumps in the road and such. Good luck tomorrow. I hope everyone likes it!!
Simple. Deliver the cake now and let them decide what to do with this one. Then, while you are there delivering it, take a new contract with you and ask them if they want to go ahead and rebook for the new date with the same design, (while you are there ,in person) Of course, I would do it very nicely and make sure that they know that you empathize with their situation...
CakeRN, while I totally understand your point about ignorance being bliss, unfortunately, any attorney will tell you that ignorance of the law is now defense to wrongdoing... Even if they are ignorant, they receive the same penalties that a person who is fully aware of and just ignores these laws would get.
No, it never hurts to ask for a discount. But maybe it you explained that the caterer most likely gets discounts from their vendors (as well as a lot of premade foods that all they have to do is re-heat) as opposed to you NOT getting these bulk ingredient discounts and that EVERY morsel of cake, etc. are made by hand by you and your staff (if you have one). It may be a little more clear to him as to why there are no discounts on FRESHLY baked goods!! Also, I think you did...
Just a few days ago there was a post (or photo) by a CC member that used this mirror gaze on several of her cakes. I thought then to ask her how she had done it, but then lost focus and forgot.. Hers was perfect!! And one of the cake it eas done atop a chocolate cake, can't remember what the other cakes she had used it on. Maybe she will come forward and give us her secret!! (fingers crossed!!)
Oh, okay, in THAT case, I REALLY can't wait to read Wed's post!!! And as far as speaking volumes about this groom, I would be more inclined to think that it speaks volumes about this bride's mother--or family, in general... Sounds like someone has been doing a little too much reading of some of these crazy blogs and articles that are put out on the internet about how to save money while having the "wedding of your dreams for little to no money at all". I really wish that...
Okay, so, WOW!!! I can't wait to see the "awesome overreaction" on Wednesday!! Care to share it with CC'ers now?? And, BTW, was this overreaction from you or from this ridiculous bridezilla when you sent her your "You MUST be spending your wedding budget on CRACK to send this crap out to potential vendors" letter in response??
Here are some that can be altered to your size requirement and that are cute..., you get the idea... and there are TONS more!! By the way, type in "Diva cake" instead of just "diva"HTH!! Good Luck!
Go to the search section on the photo gallery and type in "diva" and you should get some pretty good photos to give you some ideas. (Just remember to give credit where it is due...)
Hahaha!! @ Mrs Nisch...looks like great minds think alike!! I must have been typing at the same time you were!! LOL!!
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