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I love these ideas!! And/or to print a picture of a welcome mat onto cardstock and put it on the table in front of the plate of house shaped cookies.
I would definitely not stack them with those restraints. Just get all of your stuff organized and make sure you have plenty of time to stack and assemble there. I would go ahead and roll your fondant drapes out beforehand and put them on a big baking sheet over dowels (or however you want them shaped) and wrap it airtight with saran wrap so that they don't dry out too much - you'll need them to be pliable. Good luck!
How do you get it so flat? Do you cute the tops off?
I love the storybook idea like this
I've been wondering this myself. I love the look of the flat fondant finish on cupcakes... but who wants a cupcake with no icing and only fondant? The best part about a cupcake is the heap of icing on top. So yeah... do you ice it? And if you do, how is it all flat and even with the top of the cupcake liner? Are you making tiny cupcakes or using giant liners? Are you just filling your cupcakes with some kind of frosting? I'm curious...
1 Box Duncan Heins dark chocolate fudge cake mix1 C flour and 3 Tbs cocoa sifted together1 C sugar1 C salted butter, softened4 eggs1 C strong coffee1 tsp vanilla1 small box chocolate puddingI just dump it all in the mixer and go. I've tried fully homemade recipes, but I still like this the best.
I do the same thing except I just whip up the vanilla pudding with heavy whipping cream instead of milk. If the box calls for 2 C of milk, I add 1 C of heavy cream and whip until it's a mousse-like consistency. It has a great firm texture that doesn't bulge and everybody loves it. I actually do a ton of different flavored fillings like this.
Everybody I know just uses fondant... I don't know why you wouldn't.
It looks like she just has balls of fondant stuck to the cake board with the candles sticking in them. I guess if you have to deliver the cake with the candles already on it, I would stick the fondant balls to the cake board with candy melts, dip the end of the candles in candy melts, and then stick the candles in the fondant balls, holding them for a few seconds while they set up straight.
If you are really only selling cupcakes at a flea market, I can't forsee any reason why you would need to purchase liability insurance. Just being honest. I know some people will tell you that you have to cover all of your bases in case of some crazy xyz scenario, but if you are unemployed and really need the income, I wouldn't get liability insurance right now if I were you. It's not mandatory.
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