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Thanks - I feel better about giving it a try now!
Just wondering if it's okay to do fondant accents on a cake covered in buttercream??
Thanks, I'm going there tomorrow actually, so I will check it out!
Thanks you guys! I'll look up Americolor (I haven't heard of it, I'm from Canada though...), and I'll definitely try adding lemon yellow! Thank you, thank you!
So last week I made some icing and added a bunch of Wilton "orange" color gel to it... I wanted a real Halloween orange and what I got was more like a peach color! I thought I added quite a bit of color and so I'm starting to think that getting a real orange is like trying to get a real red. Any tips??
I am so thankful for this website and this thread!! Such good, useful information! Thanks everyone! I think I'll wait awhile before buying SI again and only use it on a cake for my family or something. (just in case)
Me too! I used Satin Ice on my first wedding cake a month ago, because I didn't want to take a chance on MMF (usually it's good, but not 100% of the time), plus the last time I used SI, it was all right. Well, it was brutal! It rolled out perfectly smooth and I immediately put it on the cake and as soon as it covered the edges (square cake), it started tearing! (Corners too). I used so much shortening to hide obvious tears, but you can still seem them close up. Nice...
Thanks for the website - I never even thought of looking it up! (Thanks for the tips too!) Thanks everyone - I love this website and all the information people share with each other.
Thanks everyone for all your comments! I just finished covering my middle and top layer cakes with fondant. It's Satin Ice - and both times it rolled out nice and smooth (with shortening underneath), then when I put it over the cake(s), the fondant covering the corners/edges looked dry, so I had to pat some shortening to hide it. It didn't look dry when I rolled it out! Is that normal? So now my cakes are looking a little shiny because of the shortening hiding the...
Icing sugar or shortening for rolling the fondant onto??? I've found that icing sugar sometimes dries out the fondant, especially if you have to roll it out quite large, and you have to take the time to keep lifting it over and over and adding more icing sugar.... And I've found that with shortening, sometimes it's hard to pull the fondant from the table, and it stretches as you pull it! Anyone have any advice or tips?
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