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Thank you everyone!
Does anyone have the WASC banana cake recipe?  The link I used to have is no longer working.   TIA
These are brilliant, thanks!
Can anyone give any advice on how this cake was done? I'm wondering if the tower was cake or RKT. What did they use as support for the top tier? Any advice would be appreciated. Beth
Hi guys,   I've been asked to do a 40th anniversary cake for a friend.  Attached is a photo of the centerpieces they are using.  I have the chocolate shell molds I'm just not sure how to do the branches.  I've also attached a photo from Cake Central Magazine. Anyone know if the branches are fondant or real?  If fondant how it was done?  I'm assuming thin wire with gumpaste applied.   Any suggestions you can offer would be...
This is excellent, thank you!
Hi There,   I stumbled upon this Tinkerbell Cake on Pinterest and I'd love to make it for a friends daughter.  Anyone know how the wings were done?  Blown sugar? Gelatin?  Is there even a mold for such a thing?   Thanks!   Beth      
Last week I had an order for a 1 year old birthday cake... It was Safari theme and they asked that it be "***y!" WHAT?!?!? He's 1.
Thanks guys!  When you say sugarpaste, do you mean gumpaste? 
A friends dad is celebrating his 80th birthday next week. I've been asked to make his cake. He's originally from Ireland and did own a bar at one point and I thought it would be fun to do a thatched roof cottage looking kind of cake with the name of his bar on it. Anyone have any ideas on how to get the thatched roof look with fondant? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks!
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