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I use the upside down method. Gives you a nice smooth top and sharp corners. Just google it for a tutorial.
I've read here on this site that if your fondant is sagging at the bottom like that it means the cake hasn't completely settled before the fondant was applied. To speed up settling you could put something heavy on the top of the cake. I think Leah H acutally uses a large ceramic tile.
Have done it and it's yummy.
Smaller styro.
Wish you could watch Jennifer Dontz's dvd on flower arranging. You're right. The dome is too big leaving you with alot of space to fill. She uses about a 2 inch square of styro. You will have to make some smaller flowers to fill or if you have time constraints, some looped ribbon or fanned tulle on picks.
Well, since we won't be using it anymore, it doesn't make any difference and maybe the squeaky wheel......? They certainly won't change it if we don't complain.
Thanks for the quick replies.
I would like to use a half inch thick foamcore board under each of my cake tiers to add height to my cake. Will it grip the point on the plate and keep the cake on the plate as well as the thin cardboard cake boards? Has anyone ever tried this?
Ha Ha!! Have been commenting on their facebook page and of course as soon as they see it they delete it. I think I'll just keep doing it for fun.
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