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Jennifer Dontz's semi-home made.
I can't imagine trying to cut out damask by hand with card board cutters. Maybe I'm just not that talented (please no comments LOL). It was worth it to me to buy the beautiful damask cutters that Jennifer Dontz sells on her site.
I take two cake boards slightly bigger than my cake, and tape them together for strength. Then I cover them with freezer paper (shiny side up). Secure it on the back of the boards with tape so it won't slide around. Trace the outline of your cake pan onto the paper. Spread a thin layer of frosting onto the paper filling the outline and then place in the freezer to firm. Repeat with a thicker layer and place in the freezer to firm. After your cake is baked and...
Try the upside down method for frosting. Use freezer paper instead of parchement. For the first layer of frosting on the paper make it very thin, freeze it, and follow with a thicker layer. This will cut down on the pockmarks.
SPS for wedding cakes and straws for smaller birthday cakes.
I've never used an exacto for cutting boards, only a box cutter. I guess an exacto seems a little small to me to cut through thick foam core. My box cutter blades are scored and when they get dull I just snap off the dull part at the scoring.
Jennifer Dontz sells Japanese paper covered wires.
Go ahead and do a Dora search. I'm sure you'll get lots of ideas. That's what I did when I did mine. Do a gallery search..
Yep, had the same thing happen to me with the silver dust. Didn't realize it wasn't shut all the way and put it back in the box with my other dusts. Next time I got it out everything was covered in silver. Grrrrrr! I think I'll use Myxstorie's idea and save my crystal color jars and exchange them for the pop-off lids. Good suggestion.
I saw a similar cake on a blog and I believe the cake was done by the Cake Opera Company. Was the cake done in blue fondant. I remember thinking that was a neat mold and I wondered where they got it. Maybe they had to make it themselves.
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