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Teardrop lace press(PRE003), Wide scalloped Lace Border(PRE007), Frill cutter #1(CUT032) and Frill cutter # 2(CUT033). See if you agree.
Look on Jennifer Dontz's web site. I see on the cake two different lace molds and then two different straight frill cutters. I'll go check out the items nos. for you
I think it was MacsMom who said when she uses DH for WASC that she reduces her sugar by 2-3 T., uses either light yogurt or sour cream and adds an extra egg white. Maybe she can correct me if I've got it wrong. I have used the new, smaller DH for my white cake recipe which comes from the original Cake Doctor book and have no sinking problems. It's the chocolate that people have problems with, even with the larger mixes, so maybe try lower the temp. by 25 degrees. As...
Or you could do your transfer with royal icing and it will harden and stand up by itself.
Then do you think a lower baking temp. might be the key?
I also like to hear from people who have their own commercial kitchens on their property. What are the requirements in your state for that?
I'm going to take a stab and say S u n f l o w e r S u g a r a r t . c o m.
The reason I ask is that I use a doctored chocolate cake recipe, however not WASC. I, too have had problems with it falling lately. This cake is baked at 350, but I tried it this week at 325 and it didn't fall for a change. So I was curious as to your baking temp.
Could I ask what temp. you both normally bake chocolate wasc at?
I use a tiny bit of Americolor copper.
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