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Glad to hear you are safe and all is well for you.
Thanks, I need to learn to trust my own instincts.
I'm getting ready to use my cake safe for a wedding cake this weekend. I'm hesitant to completely stack the cake since the top tier is a 4 inch round. I'm afriad the center metal dowel might split that small of a tier. Does anyone else have experience with a small top tier? I'm thinking of just stacking the three bottome tiers in the safe and adding the fourth tier on site.
Thanks for the replies. I will try poking a hole in it and see if that works. Cross your fingers for me. This is so nerve wracking.
Any new theories or methods on how to avoid blowouts for buttercream. I have been using the "upside down" method for frosting my two layer tiers, which has really helped with the appearence of my cakes, but all of the sudden on my last two cakes I have completely lost a section of frosting off the side. I'm assuming this is due to a blow out. Any ideas?
Do a search for the "Help! Gourmet flavors" thread and you will be reading for hours. You don't say if you bake from scratch or not. These recipes are doctored WASC, but she (MacsMom) has great flavor combs, and her fillings are good. I just kept googling and researching until I found scratch recipes that matched her WASC flavors. It's a lot of work, but worth it> I don't turn my nose up at doctored WASC. I think it's good too.
Thanks for the quick reply.
I would like to add disco dust to some fall leaves I have already dusted with matte petal dust. Nothing flashy. Just a little subtle shimmer highlight in a few spots. How do I get it to adhere without marring the matte petal dust?
I think I found it. Look in your PM's
Hi! These are made with lace presses and they can be found on Jennifer Dontz's web site. Flower Medallion item # PRE022 and Butterfly lace maker item #PRE040. Have fun/
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