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Tell your husband you did a great job on your buttercream. Simple is always more difficult.
These aren't cookies: they're works of art.
Then after you're done with the dummies you can peel off the fondat and put them in the dishwaher to get the crisco off and reuse them if needed.
Here's a recipe for a Durable Cake for 3D carving & Wedding cake that another member has posted. 1 DH Yellow or White Cake Mix 4 egg whites 1/2 C. water 1/3 C. Veg. oil 1 small package vanilla instant pudding You can change out cake mix and pudding flavors.
Americolor Electric pink!!!
I just did a chocolate cake filled with chocolate truffle filling followed by a layer of blackberries and then chocolate mousse. Yummy!
I have had good luck with tinting sugar veil black and piping with it. It is pricey but gave me peace of mind.
Yes, but my parents and sister and her family still live there. Had the joy of helping tear down my childhood home. Tell me about any neat cake supply stores in Wichita. My husband is occasionally down there on business and he would just LOVE to do some shopping for me. Sarcasm intended. Thanks for the PM.
Our posts are crossing in cyber-space. I am in Northwest Kansas, but I was raised In Greensburg, KS. Thanks for the compliment on my hubby's cake.
To me it is choice between 20 lbs. or twenty $. I am choosing a new gadget. Besides it will be fun. Now that I have your attention, what part of Kansas are you from? You had posted before that you charge $50.00 for your 12X18 sheet cakes. What do you charge per slice for your wedding cakes. I am just interested in what the price difference may be per different regions of our fair state. Your price for 12X18's is identical to mine.
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