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Would love to know too. I have been doing this for about 4 years and like you have just begun to have problems.
Question #4- those ingredients are for white chocolate Kahlua truffle filling.
You use the Kahlua, Muslide mix and water in place of the 2 and 2/3 cups water the recipe calls for. Sorry I don't know about the different coffee flavors. One dram does mean the entire bottle. That's all the answers I know.HTH a little.
"Born sleeping" refers to a "still birth", if that will help anybody with their answer. That's a tough one. Maybe somebody out there has done this before or has gone through it themselves and will know what would be appropriate.
Thanks for the quick answer tripleD. I'll pass that along to her.
My Sister-in-law has developed a successful Cookie Decorating business. The problem is it's so successful that she is being overwhelmed by requests from charities to donate cookies for their fundraisers. What type of policy have all of you developed over the years that will nip this in the bud and not be insulting to the charities and cost you business? It's impossible for her to make a profit with all these requests.
Walmart sells cardboard packing boxes,
Just make sure you slowly twist the rod out. My instructions came with a sticker added that said to twist or it would be possible to pull off the smaller top tier.
Had to refrost the top tier of a wedding cake on site because the exact thing happened. Would really like to have an answer too. Have been at this for six years and am all the sudden having this problem.
Just did it. Went out for a Steak and a Beer.
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