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Hi all!!  My Sis-in-law is an awesome cookie baker & has a huge order to fill.  Her usual source for MP has pulled their stock due to a recall & it's too late to order on-line.  Is their a sub. she can use in her royal icing?
Adorable.  You did a great job.  I would be thrilled to get that cake.  Most people just don't know how much work goes into making a cake like that.
Adorable  cake.  Sorry you had to go through so much stress.
LOL  It's me again.  I bake in the same pan & don't do the two 13X9's.  OK !!  I'll shut up now!!
I also reduce my temp to 325 and use bake even strips.  I don't use a flower nail.
I use a cookie sheet with a flat side to slide the torted half of the cake off & then back on after I fill the cake.
Yup, was really pretty rude & told me it was ridiculous to pay so much.
Ok, I've been blasted a couple of times for suggesting these because they are a little pricey, but Hobby Lobby carries a brand of cupcake liners called "Cupcake Creations".  They are grease-proof.  I don't have to use two and I haven't had any problems with them separating from the cuppie or the design fading.  Let the cuppie cool in the pan for about 5 mins. then remove and cool completely.
If your fondant hasn't lost it's elasticity try sticking a straw in the cake and sucking the air out.  Then smooth and repair the hole with buttercream or royal.  Lips do not touch the cake.
Jan is correct. Those are edible frosting sheets and can be ordered online. I just did a wedding cake with them acouple of weeks ago.
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