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Round cake circumference= Diameter X 3.14.  Square cakes = Length of one side X 4.  I use a 12 inch long pearl mold  so i just divide my total inches by 12 & that tells me how many times I have to reproduce the mold.
Try Decorate the  You might find something similar.
Started having that problem out of the blue last year.  Settle your filled, room temp. cake with weight on the top(ceramic tile,  cake pan with a canned good in the middle).  Frost it at room temperature.  I used to frost my layers when they were still frozen.  After I quit doing that the frosting stopped falling off.
I don't think it's advertising if you aren't personally selling and profiting from the item.  Hmmmm. Who knows.
Try Jennifer Dontz site Sugar   Hunt through her lace mold section.  She should have them
That's a good question.  I just did my cake with the sheets on the sides & frosted the top since the sheets are pretty delicate.   The decorator of this cake has obviously started at the bottom & pressed them up over the edge to the top.  That's the only way I can think they did it.  It's beyond my skill level to do that without a crease here & there.  Maybe somebody with a better idea & skills will have an easier technique to try.
These are Mossy Oak Frosting Sheets.  I ordered mine from Green Gables General Store.
Goggle Lisa Bugeja.  This is her Venetian Window Cutters.  I got mine at Flour Confections.  Maybe you can comparison shop.
This is what I use when I pipe ganache for cupcake frosting.  1 1/3 c semi-weet chocolate chips to 3/4 cup whipping cream.  You can add a tablespoon of your favorite liqueur as an option.  I will admit that it can have some small lumps in it, but it may be me rushing & not stirring enough after I add the heated cream.  The recipe says to heat the cream to a boil & then pour it over the chocolate.  Stir until melted & then add the liqueur if desired.  Place the bowl...
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