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I have a fruit jam filled cake iced in buttercream...and its started to bulge. I made a nice wide dam, but I already see it happening. It will stay in the fridge because of the filling, but is there anything I can do to keep the strawberry from bleeding out? It's currently sitting in the freezer iced, its kinda warm and super humid here tonight :/ any tips?
oh awful! I have only dropped one, in the parking lot on the way to the party. It was in a box so it was not a total loss, but it looked fairly beat up. I handed her the cake while crying(there is no crying in cake decorating!!! yeah right) and I could tell by the look on her face she wanted to kill me. She just took it and cancelled the other order she had with me.Your cake looks amazing, im sorry it had a bad ending, seriously cute!
CS - It looks great! Sounds like the fondant worked well for you, I am going to try it next time I need to make some too know..normally I will freeze then thaw for 24 hours before I mess with them, but this was due the day after the zebra cake, I pulled it out of the fridge about 3 hours before I tried to ice it, I usually never do that. Good point, maybe that was the probem with the icing. I didn't know if it was because it was so cold outside( a record night for the big D in temps) or what. I will keep that in mind next time! I am also going to try the ideas here about the...
*Texas Rose - sorry, as you can tell, I'm bad with names!
Kitty, I think it looks good, but I know if you hate it, you will always hate it. Is there a "my worst cake" thread? I'd contribute.Texas sugar - does the little bit of butter improve the "flexibility" of it?
It's not the zebra one, although me and the fondant went rounds on that one as well. I didn't bother posting a pic of it, but he put it on his facebook page and tagged me in it so all his friends will now know who messed up the name lolDeb, I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants to shotput a cake every once in a while!
Ever make one of those cakes that just seems to go wrong from the beginning and ends up a hot mess? too, last night. It was a birthday cake for a friend, for his two girls. I wanted to make it something really special, because I know he has been going through some hard times, and I wanted him to have something really nice to suprise his daughters with. I set to work with a vision in mind of how great this cake will be. I had to make MMF as I could not afford...
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