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Thanks IndyDebi. That's why I have the question. Everyone has different ideas about what a "full" or "half" sheet cake are. I'd rather just use dimensions of the cake pan. What would you suggest to feed 60 people? I recognize your name from here and trust your judgement over my rookie ones.
I have a birthday cake order due for May 22nd. There will be about 60 guests at the party. They have requested a sheet cake, but everyone seems to have a different idea of what that it. What dimensions sheet cake would I need to make to fill this order? Thanks for the info.
I need a white cake recipe. The ones I have used have either been too dry or too soft. I tried a WASC recipe for the bottom tier of my 3 tier cake, and it fell apart from being too soft. Please help! I need that perfect combination of moist, somewhat springy, and sturdy. Thanks for all the help and inspiration on here.
I need a white cake recipe that is light, fluffy, and moist. I haven't found one that is moist yet. I've seen lots of recipes on here, but want to know what one is best. I take pride in my customers knowing that all my cakes are made from scratch, so no box based recipes please.
I've seen people use a mixture of piping gel and coloring to make water on cakes. Anyone ever use this technique before. How do you do it properly? Plus, would it make the cake taste disgusting or would you have people scrape it off before eating?
Thanks for the tips everyone. I do use Wilton, but I'd rather not have to add the flavoring to make it taste better. I guess it's not that bad, but I know there's better. I did try to make my own before and it turned out horrible. I think it's easier/quicker for me to just buy it pre-made. I already make everything else from scratch, if I can get a little help there, I'll take it. I've looked at all the fondant brand suggestions, so I will be ordering soon. Thanks...
Thank you TracyCakes. Maybe I will buy small batches of each and see which my customers prefer.
I've noticed that alot of people are using Satin Ice fondant for their cakes. I really want to try it (I've only used the Wilton stuff before and it tastes so horrible). My questions about it are:1. Does it taste good?2. Will it stay fresh in the bucket? For how long? (I have 5 cakes in the next 2 months and want to know if I buy a 10lb bucket, will it stay fresh for those couple of months?)Thanks for the help.Amanda
Hi Everyone,My friends are having an Italian themed party and I thought it would be fun to make a wine bottle cake. Any ideas on how to do it out of cake? I don't want to make a sheet cake or make the bottle out of rice krispy treats. It's a small gathering so I want a small cake. Thanks for any ideas you all may have.
Unlimited: I agree that it is more professional to be able to pipe your lettering and I do practice. As a matter of fact, I think I have nice print and script piping, but I would like to expand my font repertoire (as it were). I think this is when the Tappits and other tips other members have used will come in handy.Thank you everyone for the tips. I will have to look for these Tappits.
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