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So she never even tried to cut the cake? Sounds like a couple of guys were hoping to be cake hogs.
The last time I had to make little balls for a cake, I ended up just making them out of fondant. So much easier to smooth. I let them sit overnight and they were dry enough the next day to work with and I had absolutely no problems with them.
I can't answer your question, but I can give you some food for thought which may or may not apply to you and your cats. I am also in Virginia and the dust drives me crazy! I can dust and an hour later have to dust again. I had a cat until recently and she shed a lot. Even when she wasn't around I'd find little hairs floating around. I was constantly cleaning (way more than normal) and keeping bowls and pans and fondant work covered as much as possible. Sadly, I had to...
Ganache acts a lot like buttercream, at least that is my experience. In the wintertime I've had it so dry that it didn't want to stick to the cake and recently, in the first days of heat and humidity, it was so soft it didn't want to stay firm. So if you are in a hot and humid area, I'd say use a tablespoon or so less heavy whipping cream so your ganache firms up better and then you should have no problem adding your stencil. Hope that helps.  
I am making the Spiderman bust cake for my son's birthday and plan to cover it in modeling chocolate. I've never worked with it before. I've already made the modeling chocolate successfully and plan to start covering the cake tomorrow. Question is, should I work using small pieces or long strips and should my pieces slightly overlap and smoothed together? I looked all over for videos of someone actually covering a cake in modeling chocolate, but I only found one and it...
I haven't seen anything that small. Maybe a small chocolate mold instead?  
It should be fine as long as you keep it refrigerated until you're ready to use it. I found some brown sugar cream cheese icing after Christmas left over from Thanksgiving. My son wanted a cupcake so i tested it and it was fine so I gave him a little bit on a cupcake. Since cream cheese has a decent shelf life a week should be no problem unless your cream cheese was really old.
mgostin,   Your fireworks made with the candy melts came out great! Do you mind sharing how you did it? I tried doing fireworks for one of my first cakes with buttercream and it didn't go well. I've always wanted to try again somehow, but wasn't sure how to go about it.
It's probably too late for you now, but some of my favorite last minute designs are covering the cake in buttercream rosettes and candle cakes. Both are quick and easy and last minute fondant decorations that don't require drying time can be used. For the rosette cake, I've added little ribbon roses and butter cream leaves. For the candle cake, since it was winter time, I added holly leaves and berries around the base. I will also say, so being the quickest and easiest...
Oh yes, you'll be fine. I wouldn't put them on days before, but hours before is not issue. I made a ballet cake and put them on the night before. It was picked up the next day for an event that evening and it was fine. No issues whatsoever.
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