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That has pretty much been my experience also.  Everyone loves the taste, it's why I use Fondarific/Duff's fondant.  Tastes soooo much better (I'm one that generally doesn't like the taste of fondant).  It doesn't get too hard so it has that icing feel.  I frequently add Royal Icing details.  
I would say definitely not edible paper.  Way too nice.  And my guess is that since they are all sooo perfect, it's not a KopyKake tracing, although possible.  I would say it is either an edible ink stamp or airbrushing over a stencil.
THIS is correct (I actually have several college classes on this for my degree).  I list of ingredients cannot be copyrighted.  ONLY what is done with them.  To be more specific (and I'm not using real terms):   Flour, sugar, flavoring is not able to be copyrighted. Flour, sugar, flavoring, bake at 350 degrees is probably not going to stand up to a copyright suit. Take x cups of flour, blend x amount of sugar into it slowly.  After well blended add x amount of...
I've made this cake several times.  It is a favorite of everyone I know.  I've never used root beer float extract, only the lorann drams.  I'm not sure if you're near a Hobby Lobby, but I find they carry it--no need to order online.  
Thanks! Would you add any extra white chocolate flavoring at all? Or just leave it be.
The recipe on the doc calls for both 1 package of white chocolate pudding and 2 cups white chocolate raspberry yogurt. Not wanting the raspberry flavoring is my issue. I'm not a natural cook--must have a recipe--so I'm not sure how to sub the liquid.Adding white chocolate flavoring to regular yogurt might be an idea... Not sure if Ican find any. Or if I could/should just add more white chocolate syrup and cut back on the yogurt? Or leave the same?I'm so not a cook in...
I'm not sure anyone can answer me in time--I'm always putting things off to the last possible moment.But, I want to make white chocolate cake (actually, I'm doing a checkerboard cake for a race car part). On the document is a white chocolate raspberry. Obviously, I don't want raspberry. Can't find white chocolate yogurt--any suggestions on how to do the substitution?
It's in the document that MacsMom and others have linked at the bottom of their posts. It is really, really yummy!
OK, so I'm thinking I may want to do a butterbeer cake (ala Harry Potter) for my oldest son's birthday... Any ideas??
I doubled the recipe when I made the mwi, and I say I got 2-4 cups. It really was plenty though. I was able to fill a 10 inch and 8 inch round.
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