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lmnissen- I have used it many times as a filling for WASC and it tastes delicious!
I love Indydebi's recipe. Only icing I use. I do add a little salt though to cut down the sweetness. However everyone loves it. I also like the taste better when I use butter vanilla emulsion. Love_my_soldier: when they are saying butter flavouring I think they mean a butter emulsion or LorAnn's oils in butter flavour. HTH!
I make transfers all the time and I would say the consistency of my buttercream is about medium. You don't want it too firm that it's too hard to pipe out and you don't want it to soft or it will just blend in together. I use indydebi's recipe for my buttercream and they always turn out great! HTH
Wow, your situation seems kind of similar to mine! My family always raves about my cakes and appreciates how much time and effort went into them(my grandmother did cakes for a living).As for my in-laws, only my FIL and husband really appreciate my cakes. My SIL doesn't like them b/c they're not store bought(really, you like mass-produced frozen cakes??) and my MIL tries to tell me how I should do them. For instance, for my hubby's 30th I had a great theme planned(a...
Coral-your response was hilarious!!!
Wow, that is so kind of you cakification!!! Thanks a lot!
Thanks jason-kraft! You can ship to Canada from Amazon, however the shipping is really expensive!!! Always an option if you're buying multiple products though!no problem kathie-d! I searched forever for Viva pt so I'm happy to help!
I'm from Ontario and I can tell you it's not available in Canada. I get it when I'm in the states. At Walmart it's under $2 and I just stock up. I've asked about similar paper towels but there don't seem to be any comparable brands. HTH!
Wow, thank you! I can't wait to try it!
I personally use homemade lemon curd as a filling for lemon cake and I use IndyDebi's buttercream. It's delicious!! There's also a recipe on here for lemon mousse filling that would be delicious I'm sure! (sorry I don't know how to add attachments)As for Strawberry cupcakes: I've seen white chocolate filling in strawberry cupcakes. Or maybe even a cream cheese based filling. HTH!
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