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That's awesome! Wish you the best as you build your business!
Googled 'cake lifter' as well, and it looks like there is quite a variety. Also, There are some that look quite different than others... Which ones do you all suggest?
HUGE Congratulation!! The cake is beautiful! I agree, it is a well deserved win.
Don't know about buttercream, be interested to find out myself. On fondant, it was definitely fine for a couple days (during the time it was being eaten) - didn't melt at all as long as it was kept dry on top of the image. I will be watching the tread.
I wouldn't say it was easier to make than MMF... Probably a little more labor involved actually, but the results are soooo much easier to work with and in my opinion the taste blows MMF away.
Tonedna's recipe is out of this world... Sooo yummy!!!
Thanks so much for sharing! I was trying to envision how you all did this. Grating as needed seems like it might be the most efficient way.
One possible idea for a tree is to take several pieces of thin wire and twist it together to look like a tree, and then dip it in brown royal icing... Did this for my cake titled 'October Birthday Cake' and it worked out pretty well.
So what kind of containers do you all use to keep the dust in once it is ground?? TIA
Wow! This is the first time I've seen this. The list is amazing! Thanks you so much!!
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