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I don't use dairy in my frosting... nor my cakes. I'm a gourmet vegan cupcake business. Double your shortening, no butter, and there ya go. If you need a creamer texture, just almond or coconut milk (ask for allergies). You can substitute soy butters, milk, for the real thing (I don't use them, but it works). HTH
You can also omit the corn starch, and use coconut milk as the thickener. Won't taste like coconut.
If your confident in your chocolate vegan recipe, just omit the chocolate, add in corn starch. HTH
I know why, when I got married 2 yrs ago, that my baker had a, 'surprise vacation trip by my husband the weekend of your wedding' come up! And I didn't even want fondant! I haven't even tried, now that I do this! I haven't had time. I still want to be able to do it, so that I could be someone that 'can' in my city. lol Keep ya posted. :p Hope that link works.. it's here on CC.
It's easier!
They do have great sales, but their shipping!
That it does... and you can make it any flavor you'd like. My favorites are almond and wedding bouquet!
Making MMF (1 bag of marshmallows and 2lbs of ps) costs about $3-$3.50 to make
LOL! Did you tell them how much that cake serves, and how much it would cost?
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