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i have a request for a coon being tree'd by a coon dog. im not exactly sure how to go about this. it has to be BIG! 50plus ppl any ideas would be greatly accepted!
i agree with the above comments. if u absolutely can not do the cakes u have scheduled, maybe call the bride and ask if u can have another bakery do it. and then if they dont mind u should call and make all the arrangements. that would be my guess
i always freeze my cakes. i bake them all at the beginning of the week then set them out to thaw. i also leave mine wrapped for most of the thawing process to keep the moisture in. if not i have found that my edges get crumbly. i let my cakes cool completely beofre wrapping though
i think you did a great job on answerng the email.
i have been asked to make a grooms cake that resembles a reeses pb cup... and it needs to feed 250+ ppl... any ideas!
So imy son is turning 2 and is obessed with buzz! he just love anything todo with toy story! So we are having a themed bday party. i would greatly appreciate any ideas yall may have! pictures are go to!
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