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The most important thing about getting smooth fondant is a smooth undercoat. I use ganache and I get it a smooth as possible using the upside down method then I use sugarpaste direct fondant. To smooth it I use clear acrylic smoothers so I can see what I'm doing and then use two pieces of acetate to sharpen the edges. Just to give you an idea... This is with swiss meringue buttercream. You can see how smooth it is before fondant.   I've tried the recipe and it works perfectly.
Sugarpaste direct is my favourite. I get super smooth fondant and sharp edges using it :) 
I use sweet appolitas recipe, works every time. When you add the vanilla at the end it will look like it is not incorporating properly (because you're pouring  liquid into fat) but it'll get there eventually.
My favourite is from sugarpaste direct   If you want to make it look into michelle fosters fondant rather than marshmallow fondant.
Is this an airbrush compressor? If it's just the compressor you will need to buy an airbrush with connecting tube so it's safe in my opinion. Just give it a clean with anti-bac. If it's the whole set up I'd still buy a new airbrush and connecting tube. 
Any future orders, just say to them I need a deposit of £X so I can order the items I need for your cake and I'll need the remainder X weeks before delivery so I can get the ingredients. If they huff and puff say to them, I charge for the cakes because I need to pay for these items, the supermarket hasn't got a tab for me unfortunately! Or something along those lines. It's ludicrous that people don't expect to have to pay for cakes before they're delivered.   I've never...
Put the filled mold in the freezer for about 15 minute, take it out and unmold. LEAVE the baby, do not touch it, don't mess with it as there will be condensation from the change in temperature and you could damage the surface if you touch it. The condensation will dry out and then you can dust it.    I like working with modelling chocolate in molds as they set up so quick that if you don't like it you can knead again and refill. 
You can see it better in this pic   it's squiggles (I'm assuming RI piped or fondant extruded) to look like the trees in Central Park. They're going to New York for the honeymoon hence the theme. The wedding was at 3, then the buffet was at 8:30, so we had to go to Macdonalds after the photos cos there wasn't a wedding breakfast weird wedding... Anyway I think the grooms mom (my nan-in-law) paid for the cake, which is why I'm assuming it's more extravagant than anything...
The cake cost £800, and it had so much detail it was a very reasonable price. The figures were absolutely fantastic. I didn't get to try it though as they thought it was too good to cut... That really pisses me off... Especially because they didn't have any dessert with the buffet!!
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