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I wouldn't risk it, burlap is vile. You should explain for health and safety reasons you can't use it but either she can buy faux burlap or you can buy some and charge her for it etc... excellent fondant!! My favourite is carma massa ticino tropic but it is so expensive! 
Just needs warming up a touch to get it back to the emulsified stage. Stick it over a double boiler for a little bit and re whip or do as previous posters suggested and temper it a bit with a third warmed. 
New one on me too, I use a shed load of vanilla and its sweet enough for me. Tastes like vanilla ice cream, I use sweet appolitas recipe on her blog. 
Yep very high quality chocolate which contains extra cocoa butter
You made ganache by adding the cream. If you want to coat the cake pops you just need to use white chocolate (couverture is best) and temper it. It'll dip fine then.
Depends what sort of chocolate cake you want really.    There's devil's food cake, australian style mud cake, chocolate sponge cake, flourless chocolate cake, chocolate genoise to name just a few. All have different tastes and textures.    What are you looking for?
The most important thing about getting smooth fondant is a smooth undercoat. I use ganache and I get it a smooth as possible using the upside down method then I use sugarpaste direct fondant. To smooth it I use clear acrylic smoothers so I can see what I'm doing and then use two pieces of acetate to sharpen the edges. Just to give you an idea... This is with swiss meringue buttercream. You can see how smooth it is before fondant.   I've tried the recipe and it works perfectly.
Sugarpaste direct is my favourite. I get super smooth fondant and sharp edges using it :) 
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