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Here's my first cookie bouqet I made!
Okay.. thank you both for your help. I will try thinning it out! Thanks again
Evidentially I am doing something wrong, I can not seem to cover the cookie with Royal Icing, it gets very hard and not easy to spread. I tried covering it and then putting the Viva paper towel on it to get all the bumps out but I did not have any luck. Can someone please give me some advice?
Thank you both for your help. I found the problem... it was the baker! :} I put in to much flour and to much baking soda. Once I realized it I went and did another batch and it turned our GREAT!!THANK YOU
I used the recipe below and it is not "doughy" at all? Can someone help?
Does anyone know of any cake classes, besides Wilton, in Texas? I know alot of towns have "cake gatherings" but I have not found any.
I know how to work w/ buttercream and rolled buttercream. I am not sure how to get the shape.
I am trying to make my husband a 3D Firetruck for fathers day. Does anyone have any tips for me?
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