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mmm so i dont know if anyone noticed, but the recipe says 1/4 cup bananas and the instructions say 3/4 cup wich one is it? I've looked everywhere for a recipe and this one looks quite yummy i just want to be sure, and one more thing is it ok to use actual rum instead of extract?
in my experience if you need many petit fours is best to make a sheet cake and then cut them with a cookie cutter and assemble, you'll get many more done that way than with a pre sectioned pan but that's just what works for me... hope it helps!
Thanx ladies! Great suggestions all! Had not thought about the pasties that sounds fun! Saw some ruffly skit legs poking out images and I'm deft giving those a shot.About the feathers I just don't know how to go abou it :s would you do it gum paste, fondant...? So far I'm deft set on making corsets, heels, bras and panties... I'll try the legs thing and the pasties and would love to read more from you about the feathers! Thnx again is great to feel the support and interest...
HiB first I apologize if this is considered adult! I got this order for 50 cupcakes for a Birthday Party with a burlesque theme, I'm doing vanilla cupcakes half filled with Nutella and the other half with Dulce de Leche. The client said the color were red and black (only the two colors that make icing suck!) So I got her to go with chocolate frosting in place of "black". I'm thinking about doing cupcake wrappers with kinda of a bustier in front like ones I saw on etsy,...
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