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Once again - you are amazing!  Thank you so much!!!!   Back to page 110 - only 300+ to go!
First off - a HUGE thank you to MacsMom!  I'm only on page 112 of this thread and I just had to jump to page 409 to see how it ends.  LOL!    I have been copying and pasting some of the wonderful recipes and would love to have access to the Google list.  I've tried the copying and pasting and that didn't work for me unfortunately.   If anyone can figure out how to access it??    Thanks again to everyone who has posted on here!     And to all those people who...
I use The Mat and I only use MMF.  You are right, it must be seasoned.  I think I learned this from the website video.     I never use any powered sugar or cornstarch when rolling, however, I have found that it rolls out much easier if I recoat the mat with Crisco if I haven' t used it for a couple of weeks.  I just wipe it clean between uses.   By doing this, I never have sticking issues with my MMF.
I made a cake exactly like this with this type of line of flags.  I used dental floss for my "string" - clean enough for the mouth so food safe in my opinion!   I tried what the one poster suggested with the diamond shape and bending it over the floss and it didn't work. They cracked and fell off even when I tried to put them on when my fondant was fairly soft and pliable.  What worked for me was cutting two flags and gluing them together.  I just made sure the floss...
I love this idea! I used to do quilling all the time when I was a kid and I still have quilled ornaments on my tree 30+ years later. Do you just use fondant or do you mix with gum paste?
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