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I can't stand to make parchment cones out of triangles. I'm not very good at it and I get very frustrated. I was watcing Rocker On the Road today and he visited a cookies shop. The woman there seemed to be using premade parchment cones. It didn't look like it was hand made. It was definately machine made. Does anyone know where I can find them. I've done a google search and don't come up with anything.Thanks!!
I use corn syrup to apply fondant to a cooled cookie. you just paint the corn syrup on the cookie. Works great. I like the tast of fondant. However, I do use Satin Ice because it tastes good with no after taste. I will have to say that I do not care for the taste of Wilton fondant.
I think I may just get a round cookie cutter and shape it like a splat.
Does anyone know where I can find a paint splat cookie cutter? My son is having a splat zone paint party and I would love to make paint blob/splat cookies for the goodie bags. Anyone.....Anyone?
Thank you for the links!!!
Would anyone know where I can find a shrink wrap machine for cookies? I want something that makes each cookie airtight.
I am making a rocket cake covered in fondant. I need to write the child's name and age on the cake in a particular font. I am not sure how to transfer this to the cake. I thought about printing out the name in this particular font and then cutting it out and blotting color over the stencil onto the fondant. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
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