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I would add a little purple too. Dark blue is hard!
Can anyone help me? I already tried a tiny bit of brown but it looks more pink than cream. I'm sure it's simple, but I can't seem to get it right.Help...
How does Flour Pot Cookies do it? I know that they offer parties in their shop, maybe that is the way they use their space. Has anyone ever visited their shop. I have email them a couple of times asking questions about what they have and they never reply. I find their customer service to be lacking.
Do any of you have an actual cookie shop/store/boutique? Since the cookies I make are more of an order a head of time type product, is an actual store a good idea?
I would say (aside from baking the cakes) it took about 3 1/2 hours to put it together. Not including drying time for the face plate. I let it dry for several hours before painting, then set it out overnight.
Here's the last one. It's the notch drawing.
Here's the turner. It wouldn't let me add more than one attachment.
These are courtesy of jkalman. She is the very nice person who gave them to me. You will need.. two 8' cake tiers, a long serrated knife, buttercream, red fondant, a small plastic fish bowl, fondant or gumpaste to make the face plate and coin turner part, silver dust and alcohol (I use vodka) to dilute it, a paint brush, an extra cake board, and gumballs. The base of the machine is made with two 8' tiers of cake (each about 4' tall) stacked on top of one another and...
I have checked with the city where the market takes place. They do require a license as well as the product to be produced in a licensed kitchen. They decide if you are able to participate based on how many other food vendors there are at that time. I guess they don't want too much of one thing. They also charge by the week and you can sign up for a yearly booth or a seasonal booth. I'm more inclined to do seasonal to see how it works out. It would be hard to commit...
Do any of you have a booth for cookie favors at a farmers market? I am thinking of doing this in my area. If you do have a stand, does it make money and how many cookies do you make for it each week?Thanks!
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