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Has anyone ever shopped their local competition? Recently my daughter's school had a golf tourney fundraiser. We, the parents, were supposed to go out and solicit businesses for gift certificates or merchandise for raffle prizes. Normally I give a gc of mine for our big auction, but for a golf tourney I didn't give anything because I didn't really think men would want a gc for cookies. However, one parent saw a new cookie place in town and got a gc for the tourney from...
Looking for advice. A friend of mine is getting married out of state and using an expensive wedding coordinator for her wedding. She is also using my cookies as favors in the out of town guests arrival goodie bags. I asked if she minded if I sent a sample of my wedding cookies to her coordinator. I am sending a beautiful box filled with my wedding cookies, and a letter introducing myself and my business. My husband thinks I should offer her some sort of commission if...
My client's mother does not like cake, she is a pie person. So, they have asked for three blueberry pies. How much would you charge for a blueberry pie?
I tried the more flour, hotter oven and freezer technique and the spreading is at a minimum amount now. However, on my next batch I am going to use less baking powder. I'm on cookie 35 of a batch of 200 corporate cookies! Thanks for everyone's input!
Thanks everyone. I've added more flour and I'm going to try the freezer technique as well as a HOT oven. I'll keep you posted.Thanks again!
Help. My cookies seem to be spreading. I'm using the nfsc recipe. Should I add more flour?
Thanks everyone!!!!!
I need to come up with a cookie for the rehearsal dinner for a wedding in Napa Valley. Grapes is all I can think of. Does anyone have any ideas for me???Thank you!
For Christmas my daughter got a cupcake kit with b& w edible image sheets for the top of the cupcakes. They included a sheet with dried blotches of edible paint, they also included paint brushes. Does anyone know where I could source those paint blotch sheets?THANKS!!!
I have a new customer who wants their company logo on a cookie. I have a local company that does edible image printing. But I would like to shop around for the best price. What companies are out there that do this?Thanks!
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