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I am in the market for an edible inkjet printer. I have no idea what brand to purchase. Does anyone have any feedback on which printers have the best quality?Thank you!
Yes, they are very good about running a test sheet before you purchase the EI sheet. I have asked my client to send me a .eps or .ai file so I can change it to CMYK instead of RGB. I only have a .jpg right now. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Thanks so much for your help!
Thanks. I'll ask the place to look at that setting.
I do not own an edible image printer but I have a place that I can have things printed. I have to do an edible image for a company that has a pale brown logo. I took it to be printed and the logo prints out reddish/pink. They tell me that because it's edible ink and not regular printer ink, the colors do not always turn out the same.Does anyone know how to fool the printer into making the correct or close to correct color? Should I tweak the logo to look dark brown for...
I keep 4 x 11, both pretzel (straight) and square (pleated). I try to use the straight bags as much as possible. However if a cookies is just too wide I put it in the square bag.Hope that helps
I have clients ask me if I will give them a discount on a large volume of cookies. I have given discounts for cookie orders over 100 cookies. I discounted the cookies by .25. Do you do discounts and by how much do you discount the cookies?Thanks!
If you don't let your fondant dry/harden for a few hours then you will have a problem. If you wait a few hours or even overnight then bag the cookies, they should be fine.
thanks for the info!
Looking for a ribbon source. Where do you get your ribbon, besides Michael's or JoAnn's?
Hedi, their prices ranged from 2.00-3.50. My prices range from 2.50-4.50. The husband did say that when their website was complete that the prices were going to change. I think they realized they could make more than they are now. They do charge per cookie. All of the cookies were in the same theme but each required a different cutter and not all of the RI colors were the same. I do think my packaging of the individual cookies is better. They use really short bags...
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