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I am planning to make a Yankee's Ball Cap cake. I will be using blue satin ice but i need to make it look more like royal blue than the lightish blue color it comes in. Can anyone help?Thanks!
I've looked all over the web for some artwork I can make into an edible image for Hanukkah cookies. I can't seem to find anything nice. Does anyone have a link they would like to share?Thanks!
Very elegant. Love it!
I love that logo, it's cool and different. That is the kind of thing I am looking for, different! I'm going to try to google a few things and see what I come up with.Thanks!
My husband gave me the present of a graphic artist to make a new logo for me. I want to show him examples of things I like and don't like to give him an idea of where to start. Do any of you know any good cookie or cake sites that have interesting logo on them???Thanks!
I have seen a lot of the zebra pattern lately. Can anyone tell me the best way to make it using fondant and also they best way by painting food coloring on the fondant. Is there a technique?Thanks!
I tried Costco, Michaels and Joann's, they were all a no. Then I decided to call my Publix Grocery Store and the bakery department said they would sell me sheets for $2 each. It's not the best price but good to know in a pinch.
Need some in a hurry and can't wait to order online.
Do you prefer Epson or Canon? Which model #? Do photo printers work best for this or does it not make a difference?Thanks!
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