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I love them too!I get mine at Bed Bath and Beyond.
If the fondant is not tacky or sticky, try dusting some cornstarch over it with a big, fluffy clean make-up brush. Might be worth a try.Good luck!Kat
I think the hole is preventing it from coming out, and yes; put it in the freezer. When I inserted my dowel ( extra, extra sharp) I hammered it in very gently and didn't have any problems going through the wrapper and also a cake board. Is it on a cake board? Make sure your wrapper is at room temp before you hammer the dowel in. Just go slow and easy.I don't think you're going to have enough stability with a hole already in it, and yeah; it definitely needs a...
I hear ya girlfriend!!
I would think that any size baking pan would work for the Zebra cake. I just made one today, in 6 inch rounds, and use 1/2 cup measure for each color.HTHKat
I agree with cakegirl1973, that having an audience is no fun when assembling a cake, and that your support system is paramount for successful transportation. I also use bubble tea straws with a center dowel for 3 tier cakes. I have a small SUV that accommodates my cakes, and always use non-skid shelf liner to prevent the cakes from moving while in transit.Kat
I loved this interview Kara..........thanks for sharing!! Maybe people are used to "sugar coated" interviews, and are a bit confused by hearing someone be true to themselves instead of saying what they think people want to hear.I try not to keep chips in the house btw............Best,Kat
Cut a small thin circle out of fondant and attach it to the doll like a scalp. Then you've got something for the hair to stick to. If you have Tylose powder, you can make a sturdy glue by dissolving some in water. In a pinch, I've also melted a little ball of fondant in a bit of water to make the glue.HTHKat
Yep! Me too.
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