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I make my own MM fondant and have a very good recipe.  For black, dark brown and red, I use the Duff fondant at Michael's. (with my 40% coupon) I find it a little greasier than my home made fondant, but making those dark colors is a nightmare.
I have a cake to do for Saturday morning. I am filling it with peanut butter buttercream and covering it with ganache. My question is, can I tort, fill and cover it on Thursday night and not refrigerate it. I do not want condensation on the cakes before I cover them with fondant. Or should I refrigerate it and then take it out and let it come to room temp before I cover it with fondant? I know it is sealed after the fondant is on, but not sure about the ganache. I...
Thanks, I am going to do a practice cake first.
Thanks for the great ideas. Do you brush on the piping gel or use a tip?
Malene, Your way makes perfect sense to me. I think I am going to try your way first on a practice cake. I want my diamonds to be large, any suggestions on how to get that look?Thanks,Patty
Hi Everyone,I am making my first cake with a quilting pattern and sugar pearls. What is the best way to attach the pearls? Should I make an impression with the pearl first and then attach with a small amount of Royal Icing? Any help with this would be much appreciated.Thanks in advance,Patty
I just tried this for my daughter's birthday cake. I started to freak out when the ganache tore my cake. It just needed to go in the micro for about 20 seconds. It covered so cleanly and no bumps. Oh, and it is so yummy. My daughter is a huge chocolate nut!! I can't wait to put my fondant on tomorrow and see how it looks. Thanks so much.
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