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Hi everyone,   I have been doing cakes now for 4 years and LOVE it! I have been using Wilton fondant (I know "gasp" - the horror!!! LOL!!!) But honestly I loved working with it! It was always a little harder in texture to work with but I found that to be helpful - I had very few issues with cracking or cakes being to soft... honestly I thought working with fondant was so easy!   NOW wilton has changed their fondant - great I suppose for some people. Now it tastes a lot...
I am brand new to isomalts - but would LOVE to be able to make little jewels My first attempt? I took the isomalts sticks (not alot) and broke it up, placed it in a glass bowl (boy was that dumb!!) and stuck it in the microwave - needless to say the glass shattered all over my glass cooktop - sooooooo not fun to clean up!So if anyone has any suggests, tips, instructions ANYTHING - I would so appreciate it!! Thanks so much!!
I have been making my charachters out of royal icing and although I really like this technique I was interested in this chocolate transfer method that others have been using! I tried to google it but have found nothing of any help... there was a link that someone had posted for another CC person, but when I clicked on it nothing came up Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
Thank you so much! That was exactly the information that I was looking for!!
Hi there,I have FINALLY had success with my topsy turvey cakes and now I am looking for a new challenge! I have seen these topsy turvey cakes that have the foam wedges inbetween tiers and I am dying to know how to do it! Any information that anyone can offer I would REALLY appreciate it!! Thanks so much!!
I have been stacking all my tier cakes the same way and have had no problems - except with these ones..... I place wooden dowels all in the center and then my cake on a cardboard cake board and place it on top of the wooden doels - I do this for each layer and have had no other problems - as well I place one through the center..... I have no problems with the cakes staying stacked, it's almost like the cakes just want to slide off along the sides (where the biggest angles...
Hi everyone,So I am relativley new to decorating cakes but love trying new things!! Topsy turvey has so far been an absolute nightmare for me!! I watched several videos about how to make one of these cakes and have made two of these cakes that I was very proud of!!I transported both cakes to their destinations with no problems at all! The first cake was stored in the clients cold room over night - the party being the next day - anyways, sometime during the night the top...
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