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Here's a simple explanation of the different flours and substitutes. It's my 'Tip Thursday' on Facebook. Not long. Just a few important points.  Hope you find it useful.
If you like baking from scratch my recipe is absolutely amazing. My customers love it. I also goes well with my Vanilla Buttercream.  Unfortunately it's only on my blog not here on CC.. Never succeeded is posting any recipes or tutorials on CC so far.. Here's the link to my blog recipe.
Personally I would do it and not make a big deal of it. It's better you do it then have some one else mess around your cake and make things worst.  I don't think the ribbon would really take that long to put and it's not a really tiring job.  I also would not assume that the customer is trying to deceive you by asking about it later. Perhaps she thought she could do it herself and then realized she rather have you take care of it professionally. Also, if she's a...
I hope you find this useful.. It's my 'Tip Thursday' on Facebook. Flour and substitutes.
Here's one of my list posted on my Facebook page.. Tip Thursday..
I have all my recipes on my blog. All created myself over the years. Not sure if this works for you as ideas but you can check it out. I also have a fondant recipe that is very popular on my blog.  You can try and see if this works for you. But my recipes are not cheap. I believe in good quality rich cakes, I don't skim on ingredients. So if price is an issue then may be not.. But here's the link to the recipe...
I didn't make a golf bag cake rather a golf theme cake last year that has the cake with a gum paste golf bag. I have a slide show  video on you tube on how to do that.  Not sure if this is what you looking for but I'll share the link.
I think one of the big issue with us (me!!!) we show how grateful we are to get orders and how happy we are doing what we love.  I use to have the same problem in the beginning especially with family (extended family) members and friends. They tell you to take cost price and have fun doing your cake..   Now I show that I am busy and that I do not have time to do last minute orders. I also tell people who know me that my kids deserve their time so I take only limited...
I hope I'm not late in replying to this thread. But here's a post that might help. Thanks
I made this video some time back I hope you find it useful. It does not use a book pan but two rectangular foil pans.
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