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      A customer wants me to do this on a tiered cake but I have never tried this.  Help!!
Does anyone know whats going on with this? I had sign a petition on this but don't know if anything happened.
Jacquie, How did you manage this? I have the same issue with my customer.
Elizabeth Kerr contacted me again about a ridiculous order and I replied and sent her this link to let her know we were on to her scam and this was her reply."Well I don't own a bakery,and I am not scamming anyone.The reason I didn't go to these people because,the never call me they couldn't do it I am definatly not a scammer.I just paided off a order for my mom's cake and she told me to contact someone about my brother's cake because, the other lady the I order the cake...
"made for you one step at a time"
I just got this email today and immediately knew it was some sort of scam or joke. Good thing i googled her email address and found this.Elizabeth Kerr has sent you a message using your contact form at: email: sageandkids@gmail.comHi, my name is Elizabeth Kerr. I am looking for a 7 tiered cake for275.These are the cake flavors I am interested in:Dark chocolate butter cakeextra frangelico buttercream fillingthick layer dark chocolate...
how much is the ink for that printer? I found the printer to be pretty cheap online/store.
Debbie, thanks for your reply. Is this a good one and do you know where I can buy edible inks locally. I need to use it for a charity event on thursday so I'm kinda in a rush to get some things printed.
Hello, Looking to buy a printer pronto have any of these printers been upgraded?
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