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I'm making my brother's wedding cake at the end of this month. We're doing a 6, 10, 14, 18 cake. A 14" is the largest I've made before, and the largest full size pan my oven can hold. I've ordered an 18" half round pan, but am worried about the right way to assemble it, and how it will hold together as the bottom tier. Should I alternate the halves on each layer? Have you made a cake using a half round pan? How did it hold up? Tips please!!
Great, Thanks! I guess the root beer isn't FLAT, just opened earlier in the week, so it's not super fizzy. I assumed it would be's just the liquid- and I don't use carbonated beverages in any of my other cakes.
MacsMom- I want to try your Root Beer Float recipe this week. I'm curious what you use for the "thick cream" filling? Just Rich's, or is there another recipe you can point me to?Also- does it matter if it's flat root beer?
Thank you, Rosie! It really means so much to me. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure how to follow since I've always had a google account. I don't think you necessarily need to be a blogger, just have a google email account. If you click the "follow me" link, it should (hopefully) help you out! HTH!
Just wrote a sunflower tutorial after coming up dry on the search for one. Hope this helps someone!
I went to my local Hobby lobby today (springfield, il) and they have the cricut cake on clearance for $120. I picked one up and there's one more there. Hope someone else can find one![/quote]
I would avoid ganache and use something like bettercreme. When I've made ice cream cakes, I let the ice cream sit out for a bit so it's not rock hard, and then I put it in my kitchen aid mixer to soften it enough to spread it into corners pan corners (lined with wax paper). This way it's a bit more pliable, but it's not just melted.
Hah...Spuddysmom, your comment made my day. I'm just happy she liked him, and his head didn't end up breaking in half (that would have been a night mare!). It was a panic attach sort of day, but since last weekend, I've had two more 3D animal cake orders come in, so I guess the guests really liked him, even without his cute little ears!
Thanks for the explanation. I always sift my mixes too, but I didn't realize exactly what the little white 'rocks' were. I was afraid I was throwing out something important, but it doesn't sound like that at all!
I made my first deer mount cake last weekend. I spent SO much time researching the structure and techniques I'd need to use to make this cake. Every part of the deer was working out beautifully! I had everything done-- ears actually made five days in advance so I'd know they were dried well enough to be painted and go on top, construction complete, icing on smoothed, textured, and airbrushed (first time too!)...just was going great. The day before the event I pick up...
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