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This is so true. We've been doing this about 5 years now, and I can always tell pretty much instantly the way it's gonna go! Makes it hard to even be motivated to do a quote when I can feel the "no way that's too expensive" coming! Haha, no worries! Glad you found a fellow Arizonian!  AZ Couture's work is mind blowing, I am always amazed!
Exactly! There's NOT enough to work to go around! Any market can only bear so much competition before it's oversaturated. And when the competition is oversaturating the market AND charging ridiculously low prices just to get business, it devalues the market as a whole. Yes to this too! 
Hahaha, bark off, I like that!  I know, right?! What are these people smokin' who are going to charge $50 for a shaped cake???
IAmPamCakes, it sure does! I don't even care that she can't afford it, that's fine! It's the attitude and rudeness I can't stand!   And just to make the point clear, (since this has been a point of contention when discussing this topic in the past) I am not slamming home bakers under cottage food law, 'cause guess what?   I am one!   But just because we work under cottage food law out of our home doesn't mean I am going to work for a pittance since "I'm not a big...
I know this is a controversial topic on here, but I just think it's important to see the result of undercutting and how it really does affect your local cake market and the industry as a whole. I got an FB message from someone yesterday asking about a graduation cake for her son. She wanted a shaped cake. Our shaped cakes are expensive. I'm not even going to try to pretend they're not. They are a pain in the butt, and very time consuming, so they are priced accordingly....
When we had our shop, there was one lady in particular who would come in every so often and always tell me her lemon bars were better than mine, and proceed to buy 4-6 of mine. Then she said she would bring me her recipe. She never did. 
I think your best bet would probably be to the carve the cake itself into that shape. You will need to make it a pretty dramatic indentation in order for the shape to show through the buttrcream and fondant.
Oh, gross! 
Oh geeze, why did I google that?! Cannot be unseen!
That makes sense! I would love to be able to do a group tasting and get it all done at once, but I don't think it would work right now, especially since I have to meet at Starbucks. Maybe someday! That's what I'm hoping it will do for us too! It's not even the money so much as it is the time I am taking out of my schedule, when I could be home relaxing after a full day of work. I understand that not everyone I have a tasting with will book, but when they are going...
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