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Can I get an AMEN?
Um, no. You undercharged in my opinion. We've done a cake like that (well it was 3/4 scale, but close), it's a very time consuming cake, not to mention the materials and ingredients needed.   Good on you for sticking to your guns on the fondant thing, customers don't have clue one about what kind of material you need to use for a cake like that, and she would be the first one to complain that it didn't look right if you tried to go with her suggestion to use buttercream...
Yep! Her response was "How can a cake be that much?? That's ridiculous!" or something to that effect. I'm like, lady, whatever. NEXT!
I've had this happen too, even though I was VERY clear what size and how many servings the cake would be, AND they signed off on an order form with the sizes of tiers and servings clearly stated. People can be so dense. :facepalm:
Hahaha, I got one like that once too! She really thought it was a typo, and that I meant to type $50 instead of $500. BUT she was NOT polite about it! Rude woman!
Yeah, that's what they call the "wandering complaint", when one complaint doesn't work they move on to the next one.   The best way to avoid disapointment or confusion in the future is to have a clearly outlined design on a contract that they sign off on. We don't do a sketch for every cake (we only sketch when it's an unusual design or if they feel like they really need to see one) but we do fill out an order form with the flavor, sizes, and description of the design...
Are they paying for these samples? It's one thing for you to do a practice round or 2 on your own, but if they requested and are receiving samples or trial run cakes from you, they should be paying for these.
Sounds like the cream cheese icing was way too loose and runny, which is common for cc icing to get that way. It's really easy to add too much liquid or not have the right ratio of cream cheese to sugar- if you're going to use cream cheese icing, it needs to be shelf stable so that it hold up well to heat and decorating. Here's the cc icing recipe we use, and it works great- although we use all butter instead of shortening and it...
Yes. Yes.  If they aren't willing to pay your prices, they're not your customer. Period.
This. is. AMAZING.
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