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 I...I have no words for this kind of behavior.  
Well, to each their own! She has figured out her costs, time, and hourly rate and come to that price. And it's by no means exorbitant at $225, no matter how the actual price is broken down. In your previous post you mentioned that you felt some of the decor should be included in the basic price. That's fine, but not everyone prices that way. Some people have a base price that just includes the cake itself and maybe some buttercream dots or something very simple like that,...
Yay! :) But she still needs to charge for her time to make the roses and decor, even if they are made in advance.
$225 is more than reasonable for that cake, and I don't $55 is too much to do the extra decoration. All those tiny little sugar roses and scalloped stripes would be very tedious and time consuming!   We start at $4 per serving for fondant, so our starting price for 48 servings would be $192. We'd probably be at around $250 for that cake as a two tier.   All that to say, no, you did not overcharge!
It's always funny to me when people can't get it through their heads that it doesn't matter how many people you plan to feed with this cake, it has a certain amount of servings that the price is based off of, and that doesn't change just because "it's only 6 kids"! I always feel like saying, "Well, you are welcome to cut it into 6 pieces, but it will be the same price regardless of whether you cut 6 or 60!" :) Good for you for sticking to your price! 
We've never had a venue tell us this. I would think most venues would be afraid to even touch the cake (or cupcake display)! It seems odd that they are having enough of an issue of the guests trying to prematurely eat the cupcakes that they would have a policy of setting them up themselves, since I think in most cases the guests would leave something like that alone until they were served or told to grab them.
I would insist that I set them up. NO WAY would I let anyone at a venue set up my cupcakes! Let the venue coordinator and the bride and groom know that your policy is to set everything up yourself as you are the baker and designer and only you know how they are supposed to be set up.
This sounds like cake heaven!! Dare to dream!
Hahaha, I have been there! We brought a cake to a friend's housewarming party once (shaped to look like their new home) and literally NO ONE would cut it! I had to take a knife to it myself, and by that time the party was almost over and some people had already left! I'm like why didn't we just make a dummy then?!
No. way. If you show up and there's a card table, I would find another, sturdier table to place it on and take a picture of the cake before you leave!
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