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I don't know much about the laws, but even if the IRS doesn't care, doesn't the Department of Ag?  It is a food item, not jewelry or something.  It could be hazardous.  And yes, I know people say "I keep my kitchen cleaner than any restaurant".  True as that may be, they have a legal license to sell food and insurance to stand on if something goes wrong. 
Well that's just it - most people don't act that way.  Why are you rewarding the ones that do?  A no questions asked refund policy does nothing for good clients when you have provided them with a quality product.  A policy only benefits underhanded people is a dumb policy.
But people who are honest don't go back the next day and get a refund for a cake that was eaten.  Dishonest people do.  You are rewarding dishonesty.  It doesn't really matter what your target market is.  People will willingly spend $500+ on a cake to impress their friends if they know they will be refunded the next day.  I agree it's a minority, thankfully.  But it's the principle of the thing.
Costco can resell those returned TVs.  They are not out any money.
I think you're lucky word didn't spead about your generous return policy.  BTW I'd like to order a cake...  .
So you guys seriously just roll over and take it when a customer pitches a fit?  No wonder people think they'll get a refund...   Seriously, they'll just tell their friends to complain and be reimbursed too.
Well that "tip" thing only works IF you don't include that $26.50 in your price for the client and *hope* they come up with even giving you a tip, let alond a $26.50 tip.  Gratuity, by definition, is something given without claim or demand.  It is not added in the price of your cake.  It's ok to have that $26.50 included in your wages.  It's not a tip though. 
I think it's very nice!  Your figures are so cute!  Yes, it should be fine tomorrow. 
Wow, good catch.  It looks like a cardboard circle covered in silver foil?  That could definitely be the culprit there.  However OP, I do think you should still get pictures from the lady first to even make sure any damage occured.  But, yeah don't use a cake circle as your base.
My county (St. Louis Co.) said that you couldn't convert a garage because my house is residentially, not commercially, zoned.  Not sure why I can run a daycare then or my neighbor can have her massage business...  Anywho, he said we couldn't do the garage conversion here.   I thought I signed a petition a while ago - is there one that's not on FB for those of us who don't do FB? 
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