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Silly, the yellow cake has big yellow taste, and the chocolate has big brown taste.  Clearly for the refined palate.  
Sorry, maybe I'm the only one, but I'd never go there just because of that logo.  It's not cute, it IS zombie-esque, and you are limiting your clientelle.  If there is a large "zombie-following" in your area (wow), then it might work for you.  I guess everyone fills a niche.  I just don't think there's a cute way to do zombie cupcakes (why are ZOMBIE and CUTE even in the same sentence???), but that's just my opinion - it may work for you in your town. 
 Killer=awesome -- that's great.  Killer=murder, skulls, knives -- yuck no.   Edited a couple times.  Crazy.
  See I think what you described would turn off most moms for kids birthdays and most MILs for weddings.  That's most of your customer base.  There would be some that like it, of course.  But when you specifically alienate a large portion of your expected clientelle becuase you want to be "edgy", you have a problem.  It's like I tell my kids - people think they're "different" and "cool" by getting piercings all over their faces and then they're shocked when no one wants...
After thinking about it, I actually kind of like the name Killer Sweets, it's certainly memorable.  It's the zombie theme that I'm hung up on.  Avoid anything with death, blood, knives, zombies.  It's a serious turn off when talking about food.  But I agree with the PP who said it's a name you have to be able to live up to.  Best of luck to you!
Wait, everything at Walmart is the highest quality.  That's why you went there.  Cheap and phenomenal - isn't that their slogan?? 
Yes, most Wilton classes are at night like the PP said.  You could always ask your Michaels about holding them during the day though - might be a smaller crowd.    When I was a WMI, I got paid for the number of people that showed up on the first night of class.  So say if 7 people signed up for the class and only 6 showed up the first night and 4 showed up for the remaining weeks, I got paid for 6 people.   You are responsible for your teaching supplies.  That...
I agree, teenagers don't have a lot of cash and (in most areas) should not be your target market.  I can't see a 30-40 year old mom going to "Killer Cakes" for a child's birthday, or a wedding, but that's just me.  Maybe some would.  It's kind of like people asking about cake shops with risque names... you may alienate people based on name alone.
I'd charge $0 because it's against the law to sell cakes in my area.  If you are a business (and I assume you are because you're charging), how do you NOT know how much to charge?  Shouldn't that be like one of the first thigs a business figures out?  This gets so old.   And if you're "just curious" about how much others would charge - this is an international forum.  What does someone in Canada, the UK, Australia, or New York have to do with your cake and your...
No way should you charge for the second cake.  It not her fault that you did not deliver what was promised.  It's not what she wanted originally. 
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