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I do 3 sticks of butter to 4 cups PS.  Heavy whipping cream as the liquid and some vanilla flavor.  It's absolutely amazing!!!  It just barely crusts. 
I'd be prepared to present a less labor intensive cake along with the original plan.  People do not know how labor intensive cakes can be.  Although 50 hours does seem like a lot. 
Ugh, don't you just feel like saying - "I dare you to try to make this, I'd love to see how that works out for you!"   Off topic a little -- several years ago I ran a daycare.  I had one lady in particular who would complain every Friday when it was time to pay for the next week.  She'd come in every Friday and say "Well I guess you want to get paid again, huh?  I should just be a stay at home mom so I can play all day long."  Yeah you go ahead, your boys drive me nuts,...
Same here, I never use a heating core and I always bake at 325. 
I love SPS, but that is the one frustrating thing, your cake has to be exactly 4 inches (within a quarter inch or so).  I've had this happen a couple times, and I don't know what others do, but I just cut 4 wooden dowels longer and insert them in the plastic pillars.  So you'll have like an inch of wooden dowel showing (if you could see through the cake) at the bottom of the pillar. 
I only let it cool a couple minutes in the pan.  If you leave it in there for too long it will stick to the pan.  Hope it works out this time!
See I like my cake dense and my icing fluffy.    I get mad when my family raves over a box mix.  Then again, one year for Thanksgiving, my husband and I made 2 desserts - a to-die-for, made from scratch apple cobbler that took hours, and a whip cream/pudding mixture that took about 5 minutes.  They devoured the whip cream stuff and barely touched the beautiful cobbler.  No taste I tells ya.  I don't mind a whip cream/pudding thing, but come on!  Oh well, more for me...
As my husband would say, "It's a solution looking for a problem."  I agree with ellavanilla, my crumbcoat stabilizes my cake. 
I usually  bake on Wednesday if we're eating the cake Saturday.  You can bake it earlier than that and wrap it well and put it in the freezer if you'd like.  It does not need to be refridgerated unless you have a perishable filling or frosting.    There's no way I'd make my own cake -- way too stressful when you're the bride.  I agree, start practicing, googling, and reading old threads here on CC.
Do a google search for whatever flavor cake you want and pick one with a high rating.  Or just use a box mix. 
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