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Are you baking at 350?  Try turning your oven down to 325.  I bake at 325 until it's done and I don't have to use a heating core, flower nail, baking strips or anything. 
My recipe calls for 6 sticks of butter (1 1/2 cups) and I always only put in 4 (1 cup).  It's perfect!  Cutting down the butter makes it light and fluffy and it doesn't just taste like sweet butter!
No, the fondant cost you money and takes longer than the 5 minutes it takes to put a ribbon that the customer bought and delivered to you.  A ribbon is a basic decoration and putting it on should be included in the standard price for a basic decoration cake.  There's no way this should be an additional charge - unless she wanted you to go buy it. 
#3 definitely!  Looks great!
You know, I'm not a "pro", I do this as a hobby.  But I don't think it's ever taken me 1/2 hour to put ribbon on a 6 tier, let alone a 3 tier.  It's going to take maybe 5 minutes.  If I got a new bill for 1/2 hour decorating charge for ribbon that I bought and brought to the baker, I'd cancel.  That's silly.
I'm glad everyone liked it, it was a cute cake!  I don't understand the part about the icing melting though... what happened?
Is this new cake lady charging her for 350 servings and giving her half of that basically?
Why would you ice your cakes at the venue?  All of my cakes are iced 2 days before an event and decorated the night before.  Except in the case of a case that was just sticking satin ribbon and premade flowers, then I would ice and decorated the night before.  Your cream cheese icing will be fine.  You're either very quick and very good, or this is a disaster waiting to happen.  I've never heard of anyone icing at the venue.
What brand of pan are you using?  How are you preparing your pans (cake release, shortening & flour, collaring with wax paper, etc.)?  What temp are you baking at?  Are you overbaking?  Why is your cake so much shorter than the pan?
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