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I wish I could sell my cakes. It's illegal in my state. Thankfully DH likes my hobby - except when I make 5 or 6 tier cakes for free. Yikes! I only do those big ones once a year.
Ha! I know, like I said DH LOVES it I did make a batch with 2 1//2 sticks of butter instead of 4 sticks. It was FANTASTIC!!! I could've eaten the whole bowl. But I would've been very very sick.
Abernacle! *snicker*
I'm just saying there are cakers out there who could spend 5 hours on a cake and it still looks like WalMart quality. There's a reason Cake Wrecks exisits, and it's NOT all chain bakeries doing it. The customer doesn't care if I spend 10 minutes or 5 hours. If the end product is the same quality and look, you should charge like WalMart. No one should pay someone to do crappy work.No one is forced to work at WalMart. I'm not defending them, but people do have choices.
1.) The "click to enter" page is really too I don't know - "porn-ish??" If I was looking up a cake business and got that, I wouldn't click to enter. I really wouldn't. I have no idea what I'm entering.2.) The litter box and the hen party cake are NOT great advertisments. I would use something way more appropriate and cute.3.) The wedding cuppies are super cute, but I also would love to see some wedding cakes.4.) It's hard to find the links waaaaaayyyy over in tiny...
On an international forum, prices are obviously going to vary widely. If you have the same skill and overhead as WalMart, yes, you should price similarly. If your skills and ingredients are higher quality than WalMart, then of course you should charge more. Your skills and time are worth something.BTW yes, I have seen cakes on here that people think they should charge $xxx for and I wouldn't let it out the door -- haven't looked at your cakes, so I'm not talking about...
SPS all the way. I won't transport without it.
I only have a hand mixer. I've made 5 and 6 tier cakes with my little hand mixer. It definitely is possible, it just takes a long time. I make SMBC with it and everything. But -- I would like a KA someday!
My first time in the cake club! Yay!I'm working on a couple dozen cupcakes that look like little pies. We are going to a "pie party" and every family is supposed to bring a side dish and a pie. I think that's a stinking LOT of pie. So, they get cuppies from us. By the way Leah, thanks so much for the SPS tutorial! I <3 SPS!
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